Episode 20: Boyce’s Choice

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Feeling some Riverdale: A Murder Mystery withdrawal, Lucy and Evan invite tarot reader, workshop facilitator and all-around amazing feelings witch Carly Boyce to help them process their feelings on Riverdale Digest #1, a digest-sized anthology of the first issues of the new Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Josie & the Pussycats, and Reggie & Me. Along the way, the three discuss:

  • dance parties in the total dark (and other alternative dance parties)
  • stories narrated by dogs
  • the #lipstickincident and other popular hashtags
  • how little Evan and Carly know about Game of Thrones
  • the political activist style of Jughead Jones
  • guitarists with maps of the world on their faces

This and more await you within Episode 20 of Radio Free Riverdale. Please listen in. And be sure to follow Carly Boyce at @tiny_lantern.

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Episode 18: Bee Spree

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As Lion King villain Scar famously said (or sang): be prepared! Radio Free Riverdale co-hosts Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday tackle a monster digest – specifically Archie Comics Jumbo Digest #251. But we also have a few things to say about Riverdale: A Murder Mystery Episode 11: “To Riverdale and Back Again.” Lucy and Evan dish on:

  • Clifford Blossom’s wig lair
  • Mr. Weatherbee’s troubling food shame
  • Archie 3000 and his majestic mullet
  • “polyamorist”: is it a word? What Molly Ringwald believes may surprise you
  • bands at weddings
  • and – because it wouldn’t be a podcast without it – Archie trivia!

Next episode, we discuss the finale of the roller-coaster ride that was the first season of Riverdale.

To see notes, panels, and images associated with our latest episode, please visit the Riverdale Auxiliary.

Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 12

Order please! The twelfth meeting of the Riverdale Auxiliary is once again called to order. This week, we welcomed excellent and hilarious guest Heather Macdonald, who, among other topics, helped explain the thorny legal issues around streaking at sports events. Use your ears & listen to this week’s epi to hear Heather also talk about this week’s Archie comic. & use your eyes & keep reading below for visual excerpts from Archie Library 57, World of Archie Comics Double Digest.

Update: As of this writing, at least one of the capybaras is still at large

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