Episode 21: Springer’s Zingers

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In a very special episode of Radio Free Riverdale, Lucy, Evan, and a special guest – comedian, and podcaster Darren Springer – stare deep into the abyss that is the 1990 TV movie, Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again. Archies Pals ‘n’ Gals are in their mid-thirties, back in town for a high school reunion, and they’re all so very sad. Not only are they dealing with troubled relationships and failed ambitions, but also facing a new world of luxury cars, portable phones, and hip-hop music that seems to have no patience of memories and “good times.” We witnessed it all – the horror and the heartbreak – so you don’t have to. And somehow, we managed to record a podcast longer in duration than the actual TV movie (!). Tune in, if you dare, for conversations on:

  • why and how this early ’90s nostalgia-fest was created
  • who is more famous: Lauren Holly or a Reba co-star?
  • Archie Andrews’s shaky grasp of the legal system
  • the intersections of Pop’s Chocolate Shop and Tiananmen Square
  • and the cinematic triumph of Jughead Jones rapping “Sugar Sugar” to bond with his terrible, terrible son

All this and more in Episode 21 of Radio Free Riverdale, if you’d be so kind to let us lay our ever-lovin’ stuff on you. And be sure to follow Darren Springer at @darrendspringer.

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