Episode 11: Staff Laughs

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Jughead interested in girls? Veronica meaner than a junkyard dog? Non-consensual sewing? A blue Archie movie? Things are all topsy-turvy in the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, in which your co-hosts Lucy and Evan separate the comic wheat from the comic chaff of Archie’s Funhouse #19. When you listen in, you’ll hear us ramble on about:

  • Archie Comics 75th anniversary, celebrated with cake
  • the social and sexual implications of a Sadie Hawkins dance
  • whether Jughead is confident or the most confident
  • the hopes and dreams of Mr. Hiram Lodge’s staff
  • Archie’s favourite breakfast food
  • Moose’s sudden perm
  • and, everyone’s favourite: whatever Archie trivia we could scrounge up!

Thanks for listening to our latest, greatest episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

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