Episode 10: Philo-Sofi Class

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Lucy and Evan invite their second-ever special guest: columnist, writer, and matchmaker extraordinaire Sofi Papamarko (@sexytypewriter). With Papamarko’s arcane knowledge of the affairs of the heart, they gain a new perspective of Archie and the gang as they wade deep in to the emotional waters of Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest #19, a Jughead-heavy extravaganza. During our podcast, we discuss:

  • Sofi’s unhealthy obsession (or “lady boner”) for Jughead P. Jones
  • the various pets of the Archie universe (and their skills and attributes)
  • inspired by a Jughead comic, what our stomachs would be named
  • what the words for fetishes for food and trees (!) are
  • Betty Cooper’s – as well as our special guest and hosts’ – ideal dates
  • how many Archie-like redheads there are in the world
  • and, naturally, some mind-boggling and -blowing Archie trivia (including a shout-out for Jughead’s Fast Food in New Delhi, India)!

It’s the big tenth episode of Radio Free Riverdale! Join us in the world of double-digits! And check out Sofi’s matchmaking service at Friend of a Friend Matchmaking.

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