Episode 9: Sight Gag Chin Wag

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Lucy and Evan finally delve into a Betty & Veronica tome, with plenty of stories of love, part-time jobs, and fashion in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #200. And we thought we had read the saddest Archie comic in history last podcast, but we hadn’t yet read “Poor Little Rich Girl.” Join in the good times, which include

  • in-depth discussion of the sudden new character of Adam
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – finally!
  • a debate: Should men wear top hats? Does anime rules?
  • further reportage from inside the Riverdale class war: Riverdale only has amusement-park-based industries!
  • far too much discussion of Fuller House
  • and the most vital Archie trivia, with which you can impress all your friends and enemies!

If you catch yourself with a case of the ‘gallopin’ lonelies,’ hop on the Archie bandwagon and check out our ninth episode of Radio Free Riverdale! You can park our cars anytime!

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