Episode 19: Burns Discerns

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By sheer coincidence – or was it something more? – the epic first season of Riverdale drew to a close just as one of its acknowledged influences, Twin Peaks, returned to the airwaves (or fiber optic cables? WiFi?). So Lucy and Evan invite pop culture writer Andy Burns, author of the Twin Peaks book Wrapped in Plastic and Riverdale enthusiast onto the ‘cast. The three pound at the ice of Episode 13, “The Sweet Hereafter,” to get to the metaphorical drowning Blossoms within. Listen in to hear discussions on:

  • when and if Riverdale will ever intersect with the Black Lodge
  • the vagaries of the American foster care system
  • Cheryl Blossom’s repeated use of the word “mommy”
  • why Archie washes his hands before breakfast
  • and, of course, who shot Fred Andrews?

All this and more in Episode 19 of Radio Free Riverdale. Pour yourself a milkshake and join us. And follow Andy Burns at @biffbampop.

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Episode 17: Donahue Ballyhoo

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Lucy and Evan invite the hilarious and talented Anne T. Donahue to talk about Riverdale Episode #8, “The Outsiders.” Veronica Lodge decides to throw Polly Cooper an ill-advised baby shower while Archie attempts to go not-undercover and infiltrate the Southside Serpents. Get ready, because we have a lot of feelings about:

  • the return of baseball (and the Toronto Blue Jays)
  • construction work and bruiser studs
  • Archie’s narc letterman jacket
  • the Skeet Ulrich Renaissance (again)
  • Polly and her stupid headbands
  • and, of course, that Jughead’s dad is a Southside Serpent!

We had some sound issues with the recording this time around, so apologies if it’s not as pleasant a listening experience as usual. And be sure to follow Anne T. Donahue for all the funniest and best tweets at @annetdonahue.

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Episode 9: Sight Gag Chin Wag

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Lucy and Evan finally delve into a Betty & Veronica tome, with plenty of stories of love, part-time jobs, and fashion in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #200. And we thought we had read the saddest Archie comic in history last podcast, but we hadn’t yet read “Poor Little Rich Girl.” Join in the good times, which include

  • in-depth discussion of the sudden new character of Adam
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – finally!
  • a debate: Should men wear top hats? Does anime rules?
  • further reportage from inside the Riverdale class war: Riverdale only has amusement-park-based industries!
  • far too much discussion of Fuller House
  • and the most vital Archie trivia, with which you can impress all your friends and enemies!

If you catch yourself with a case of the ‘gallopin’ lonelies,’ hop on the Archie bandwagon and check out our ninth episode of Radio Free Riverdale! You can park our cars anytime!

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