Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 7

Welcome to new and returning Radio Free Riverdale fans! It’s the seventh edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, and although the issue was a Jumbo, I’ve kept the auxiliary to a digestible length. No one likes long meetings, right? Right. Okay, on with it!


The Page 45 Game, in which you open up the book closest to you to page 45 and the first line of text represents your love life. I tried it with this issue, and voilà!…submitted without (further) comment:

2 Page 45


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Episode 7: Winter’s Bone-Up

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Lucy and Evan are back with more reviews of Archie comics (and at least one big surprise) as they dive into The World of Archie Jumbo Comics #55! The World of Archie Jumbo Comics is full of more winter fun than an Alaskan Andrew WK concert. (And – at last – some Josie and the Pussycats comics!) In the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, they cover

  • promposals, promposals, promposals!
  • horror movies and pregnancy (spoiler alert!)
  • the social history of gift returns
  • Josie and the Pussycats: Pepper vs. Valerie
  • way too many Friends references
  • the mystery of Jughead’s “S” shirt
  • and everyone’s (or Lucy’s) favourite: Archie trivia!

All this in a comic that makes use of the word “reconnoiter.” Plus, we learn “Segue” is Lucy’s middle name. (For reals.) Please join us for the seventh episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

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Episode 4: Recession Confession

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Lucy and Evan are back with more Archie comics reviews: are you sick of them yet? Well, you might be after this, the longest episode to date. The duo tackles World of Archie Double Digest #52, a Halloween-themed issue that’s filled with so many weird and wonderful stories, our hosts go over time discussing such things as

  • Fred Andrews’s mid-life crisis and naval record
  • the gender-swapped Archie-like Ginger
  • whether Jughead’s parents are related
  • whether we’d tap young Fred Andrews
  • how accurately Archie comics predict the future
  • seriously, young Fred Andrews is pretty hot
  • and, as ever, we provide you with Archie trivia, gags, and much more

This is the fourth episode of Radio Free Riverdale: nearly an hour-and-a-half of comics goodness. Enjoy!

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