Episode 20: Boyce’s Choice

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Feeling some Riverdale: A Murder Mystery withdrawal, Lucy and Evan invite tarot reader, workshop facilitator and all-around amazing feelings witch Carly Boyce to help them process their feelings on Riverdale Digest #1, a digest-sized anthology of the first issues of the new Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Josie & the Pussycats, and Reggie & Me. Along the way, the three discuss:

  • dance parties in the total dark (and other alternative dance parties)
  • stories narrated by dogs
  • the #lipstickincident and other popular hashtags
  • how little Evan and Carly know about Game of Thrones
  • the political activist style of Jughead Jones
  • guitarists with maps of the world on their faces

This and more await you within Episode 20 of Radio Free Riverdale. Please listen in. And be sure to follow Carly Boyce at @tiny_lantern.

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 7

Welcome to new and returning Radio Free Riverdale fans! It’s the seventh edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, and although the issue was a Jumbo, I’ve kept the auxiliary to a digestible length. No one likes long meetings, right? Right. Okay, on with it!


The Page 45 Game, in which you open up the book closest to you to page 45 and the first line of text represents your love life. I tried it with this issue, and voil√†!…submitted without (further) comment:

2 Page 45


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