Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 8

I can barely wait to call this meeting to order. It’s the eighth Riverdale Auxiliary, but the first (!) featuring guest selections! Adam Wilson joined us for this episode, and we had blast recording with him. Follow him on twitter: @theleanover. We will have him back on in the future, because so smart, so funny, so adorbz.  And he’s a redhead, just like Archie.

Keep reading for snapshots of this week’s discush.


Our one-page gags

1 - vote glad - gag

2 and 3 - gags

enjoy ’em

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 7

Welcome to new and returning Radio Free Riverdale fans! It’s the seventh edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, and although the issue was a Jumbo, I’ve kept the auxiliary to a digestible length. No one likes long meetings, right? Right. Okay, on with it!


The Page 45 Game, in which you open up the book closest to you to page 45 and the first line of text represents your love life. I tried it with this issue, and voilà!…submitted without (further) comment:

2 Page 45


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