Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 6

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After a petit delay between epis 5 and 6, we’re back! Welcome to the Drake-approved 6th edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, Cana(u)da edition! In this issue, Archie and the gang explore everything Great White North, stereotypical or otherwise, and Evan and I have loads of fu(u)n discussing it. Check out our fave panels from north of the 49th parallel. (u)

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Episode 6: Canucks Amok

Download the full episode at Libsyn.

Lucy and Evan return to their Archie comics reviews with some CanCon as they cover Pep Digital #95: Archie Goes to Canada! The Riverdale gang heads north of the border and see more Canadian sights than the Littlest Hobo. In the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, they cover

  • the incredible amount of espionage in Canada
  • Archie and gang’s school fundraising efforts
  • appropriation of Ojibwe culture
  • why people paint their addresses on the sidewalk in front of their house
  • the Diefenbunker (!)
  • why Reggie in unable to enter the country
  • and the typical Archie trivia, gags, and much more

So take off to the Great White North. Straight from the 6ix, it’s the sixth-ever episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

To see notes, panels, and images associated with our latest episode, please visit the Riverdale Auxiliary.