Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 15

Auxiliarites! Welcome back to everyone’s favourite supplemental about all things Riverdale. After a much-longer-than-expected time away caring for my sweet lil baby, I have returned and I’m all yours. Within reason. And just in time! Riverdale has launched, and Evan and I devote S01E02 of the podcast to the first two epis. Spoiler: We really like it! Keep reading for remarks and pics on some of the noteworthy characters from Riverdale, and, natch, the comics. (We return to our handheld, comic-book roots next episode.)

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 12

Order please! The twelfth meeting of the Riverdale Auxiliary is once again called to order. This week, we welcomed excellent and hilarious guest Heather Macdonald, who, among other topics, helped explain the thorny legal issues around streaking at sports events. Use your ears & listen to this week’s epi to hear Heather also talk about this week’s Archie comic. & use your eyes & keep reading below for visual excerpts from Archie Library 57, World of Archie Comics Double Digest.

Update: As of this writing, at least one of the capybaras is still at large

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 11

The auxiliary! It’s here! Just like I assume you’ve been asking for! Today’s auxiliary recaps episode 11, the One Where Betty and Archie Are on a Break. I hope you all got that very good joke.

For those following along at home, we’re discussing The Archie Library 19: Archie’s Funhouse Comics Annual. Let’s go!
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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 10

We made it to double digits! It’s the tenth installment of the Riverdale Auxiliary. Welcome back! This week, we had on guest #2, Sofi Papamarko, who waxed poetic and romantic about Riverdale’s favourite burger-eating, teenage curmudgeon, Jughead Jones. Read on for highlights from this week’s epi.


Popper Swapper

1 - Popper Swapper

Which came first: bartering, garage sales, or Bunz Trading Zone? We may never know.

In the meantime, though, Moose is an enigma, right? His sign says, in all its erroneous wonder, FOUR SAIL, but then he makes a solid, “You missed the boat!” pun. I feel like he goes in and out of levels of consciousness. The CTE docs of Riverdale probably can’t wait to get at his brain.

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 9

It’s the extremely belated edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary! Whoops! (Setting up home internet was more difficult than helping Moose with algebra homework! Jeepers!) But let’s get to it! Read on for our favourite Betty & Veronica adventures, hijinks, and mishaps. ♥

1 - cover pic
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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 8

I can barely wait to call this meeting to order. It’s the eighth Riverdale Auxiliary, but the first (!) featuring guest selections! Adam Wilson joined us for this episode, and we had blast recording with him. Follow him on twitter: @theleanover. We will have him back on in the future, because so smart, so funny, so adorbz.  And he’s a redhead, just like Archie.

Keep reading for snapshots of this week’s discush.


Our one-page gags

1 - vote glad - gag

2 and 3 - gags

enjoy ’em

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 7

Welcome to new and returning Radio Free Riverdale fans! It’s the seventh edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, and although the issue was a Jumbo, I’ve kept the auxiliary to a digestible length. No one likes long meetings, right? Right. Okay, on with it!


The Page 45 Game, in which you open up the book closest to you to page 45 and the first line of text represents your love life. I tried it with this issue, and voilà!…submitted without (further) comment:

2 Page 45


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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 6

1 - archie cover

After a petit delay between epis 5 and 6, we’re back! Welcome to the Drake-approved 6th edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, Cana(u)da edition! In this issue, Archie and the gang explore everything Great White North, stereotypical or otherwise, and Evan and I have loads of fu(u)n discussing it. Check out our fave panels from north of the 49th parallel. (u)

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 5


Oh hello! It’s the fifth installment of the Riverdale Auxiliary, and everyone’s invited! Strap into your Santa sleigh and fly through the following selected panels from our delightful, if belated, holiday-themed episode. Best enjoyed with milk and cookies.



The change exchange right now is US $1.75 to CAN $1.22. Maybe Pops will sell us two-thirds of a burger.

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Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 4


The Riverdale Auxiliary is back in sesh! And this episode is spooktacular. Remember Halloween? Well, it’s Halloween in January, as Lucy and Evan discuss the scariest time of the year in Riverdale. Keep reading for some of our favourite images from this week’s collection!


Nap-Flap   Model-School

One-page gags! Sometimes you get to deliver the joke, Jug, but sometimes you’re the butt of a one. Albeit, a thin butt.

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