Episode 23: Pell-Mell Noel

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Join us for a very special (if somewhat belated) holiday episode of Radio Free Riverdale. We’ve reached the mid-season finale of Riverdale‘s second season: episode 9, “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” The holidays have arrived, but no one wants to see the Black Hood coming down their chimney. Will the Archie-Veronica and Jughead-Betty break-ups last? How will Fred Andrews pay his bill? And how long has Nana Rose Blossom had a red streak in her hair? We also discuss:

  • Serpent justice and gang laws
  • the Pacino-esque qualities of Skeet Ulrich
  • just how much a diner costs
  • Panettone, the biggest bread, ultimate Christmas treat
  • and, of course … plausible deniability

All this and more is wrapped up in a neat little package of Episode 23 of Radio Free Riverdale. Oh, come all ye faithful and gather ’round the podcast machine!

To see notes, panels, and images associated with our latest episode, please visit the Riverdale Auxiliary.


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