Episode 22: Sundown Letdown

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It’s been a while, but Lucy and Evan are finally back and ready to talk about all things Archie. After an extended (and unexpected) hiatus, Radio Free Riverdale is back, and we’re talking the second season of Riverdale‘s fourth episode, “The Town That Dreaded Sundown.” Who is the Black Hood, the serial killer that stalks the former “Town with Pep”? Will the divide between North and South Riverdale widen? How much of The Outsiders can the show crib? Listen in to hear us expound on:

  • the dangers of recreational jingle-jangle use
  • the political relevance of designer T-shirts
  • the pros and cons of vigilante justice
  • how inept the Lodges are at lying
  • and, of course, whether there are bodegas in the Pacific Northwest.

All this and more in Episode 22 of Radio Free Riverdale. Gather all your cipher-decoding books and meet us at the Edge of Town.

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