Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 15

Auxiliarites! Welcome back to everyone’s favourite supplemental about all things Riverdale. After a much-longer-than-expected time away caring for my sweet lil baby, I have returned and I’m all yours. Within reason. And just in time! Riverdale has launched, and Evan and I devote S01E02 of the podcast to the first two epis. Spoiler: We really like it! Keep reading for remarks and pics on some of the noteworthy characters from Riverdale, and, natch, the comics. (We return to our handheld, comic-book roots next episode.)


Riverdale colon a murder mystery


Our hero, Archie Andrews

Early Archie Andrews












Archie Andrews and Archie Andrews’s eyebrows












Okay, okay, okay, so MEA CULPA MEA CULPA MEA MAXIMA CULPA. Listeners will remember I laughed and laughed and laughed about KJ Apa’s hilarious red-hair-black-eyebrows jarring combo. I will still laugh about it; you can’t stop me. BUT obvs the colour scheme is not without precedent. See above. See below. In cartoon form, unremarkable. In human, form, very noticeable.


Hunky, human Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)


Betty & Veronica

Veronica Lodge & Betty Cooper


B&V are still besties and still navigating sexual tensions with Archie. However, to complicate their comic-book counterparts, Riverdale has given both women a bit of the other’s main personality trait: Betty has some of Veronica’s edge; she isn’t nearly as girl-next-door-sweet as in the comics. Likewise, Veronica’s far less self-involved than in the comics — she’s been given some of Betty’s altruism and kindness.


Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) & Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes)



Jughead (Side note: Why is Jughead paying for burgers in his own daydream???)


Riverdale went extreme with their interpretation of Jughead (Forsythe Pendleton) Jones III. Maybe not Grundy extreme, but jeez. Where are the burgers, Riverdale? Why is Jug so brooding? Will his asexuality be incorporated into the show? [re: recent episodes, we will get to that!] His over-the-top voice overs, though? I hate them/I can’t get enough of them.


Jughead (Cole Sprouse)


Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl’s back!





Girls = Cooking, Boys = Computers Got it. Thanks, twins.




























Cheryl Blossom is, indeed, back, and features front and centre in Riverdale. Her twin brother has been muuuuurrrrrderrrrred. Update: Evan and I did not know whether Jason Blossom had been invented for the new show or if he actually existed in the comics. Well, dear Reader, I did some sleuthing, and check it! Jason lives! In the comics! Comics Jason will be happy to know how much screen time IRL human Jason’s getting.

Cheryl, too, is a much more fleshed-out character in the show. She is captain of the cheerleading squad and also has a bevy of skeletons in the closet. Need a cleverly worded insult? See Cheryl. She’s eeeeeeeeeeevil. Or is she? #RiverdaleStrong


Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch)


Kevin Keller

As of the first couple episodes, Kevin Keller is a trope-y girl’s gay best friend. As the show progresses, though, the character, yay!, gets more to do than help Betty deal with her spectrum of feelings for Archie. No spoilers, but Kev gets his kiss on (at minimum).


Kevin Keller (Casey Cott)


Fred Andrews (I almost wrote Luke Perry because Luke Perry is never not Luke Perry)


Archie’s Dad


Fred Andrews, played by Luke Perry, is a gentler-voiced, friend-dad in Riverdale, a far less grouchy, less “stock dad” character than he’s portrayed as in the comics. His relationship with Archie is zero pratfalls, and, instead more heart-to-hearts. The pair of them are also not hard to look at.


Luke Perry (Luke Perry) I tease, Luke Perry! Luke Perry gets it.


Mrs/Ms/Miss Grundy


As I’ve mentioned, I love the ugliness of the early Archie characters, and Ms Grundy is no exception. Look at this amazing, early version of Geraldine! Perfect.


Comic-book Ms Grundy as we typically know her: No-nonsense, older, lively.


Another extreme reinterpretation, Ms Grundy in the Riverdale-iverse is a young, sexual predator, with a carload of secrets she’d rather keep hidden. She is an accomplished musician in her own right and teaches music at the gang’s school. Aside from preying on an underage Archie, it’s not yet clear whether this Ms Grundy has a fuller roll in the series.


Not your grandmother’s Ms Grundy (Sarah Habel)


Okay, there are loads more characters to discuss, but I’m going to leave it there for now. See you at the next meeting!


Lucy Cappiello

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