Episode 14: Lodge Podge

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Thrill to the last episode of the first ‘season’ of Radio Free Riverdale! Co-host / heart of the show / new mother Lucy Cappiello is busy rearing her brand-new child, so the Radio Free Riverdale is going on a brief hiatus following this, our fourteenth episode. But don’t worry – we’ll be back soon! Until then, we’re talking all about the Archie / Josie and the Pussycats crossover (and plenty of Mr. Lodge stories) in Archie Comics Digest #269. Listen up as Lucy and Evan yammer about:

  • single tears, visual kissing, and the brief fame of the long-haired lead singers of Extreme
  • their vain attempts to fill dead air as they ponder their dream cross-band romances
  • Hiram Lodge and his turn to the sinister
  • a journey to the centre of Archie Andrews’s mind
  • the terror of revolving doors
  • Josée and the Pussycat Dolls
  • and the ever-present Archie trivia

Thanks for listening through our first season. We’ll be back on the information super-highway airwaves soon!

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  1. So it took a month and a half but I finally listened to this.

    I had seen that Archie/Valerie plot alluded to I think in a promo or something associated with the Archie goes to Canada e-book.

    I have a suggestion for you guys to discuss sometime, I was reading MAD about the 50s, a selection from MAD magazine of the 50s, and back when MAD was a comic book instead of a magazine (Tales calculated to drive you MAD, humor in a jugular vein) they did a parody of Archie called Starchie. It is not that long or that clever, but I would like to hear your reaction…

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