Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 12

Order please! The twelfth meeting of the Riverdale Auxiliary is once again called to order. This week, we welcomed excellent and hilarious guest Heather Macdonald, who, among other topics, helped explain the thorny legal issues around streaking at sports events. Use your ears & listen to this week’s epi to hear Heather also talk about this week’s Archie comic. & use your eyes & keep reading below for visual excerpts from Archie Library 57, World of Archie Comics Double Digest.

Update: As of this writing, at least one of the capybaras is still at large


The Stories


Mr Weatherbee in “Double Trouble”

1 - Weatherbee

Do you guys think Mr. Weatherbee tipped the waitstaff well for going along with his two-dates-and-two-tables scam. He didn’t, right? We know he didn’t. That snarl in panel six — you can tell Weatherbee is already composing a snarky Yelp review in his head.


2 - Weatherbee


I love the decision not to pit the women against each other (for more than a panel, anyway)! They realize Weatherbee’s been playing both of them! The women direct their ire at the man & not each other! Maybe they go see the new Ghostbusters movie!

For Mr. Weatherbee’s part, he doesn’t exactly see the error of his ways, does he? An Icarus for the modern Archie reader.


The Archies 2051 A.D.


3 - 2051 AD


A gas pump?! The Beatles?! What ARE these relics??? Anyway, it doesn’t matter because the coolest, rockingest place to be? The Museum of Ancient History. The secret password is “institutional ideology”. Don’t forget your metallic unisuit from the future!


4 - 2051 AD

Be real. Do you think Isaac Asimov actually wrote this story? He bears more than a striking resemblance to Dilton. ↓↓↓ Coincidence???


5 - Isaac.Asimov01

Isaac Asimov aka Dilton Doiley


Archie in “Hate After Dark”


6 - Hate after Dark


On the one hand, this story flirts with legal boundaries and ethics pretty flagrantly. But on the other hand, the art in this story is especially good. The scenes in the dark alley are effectively dangerous; the FLASH panel is evocative; the action scenes which follow show lots of character detail and emotion. I really loved these two pages. Yea Riverdale!


Archie in “A Wrapping Session with a Dummy!”

editor’s note: Heather’s impression of Mr. Weatherbee is hilarious


7 - Wrapping Session


Okay, another two-page spread, because how could I not? You’re welcome, readers. If you didn’t pick up this issue, oh man, the cover price is worth this double page alone. Weatherbee (this was a heavy Weatherbee episode, I’m realizing…) in the second panel, top right? So bonkers over the top. Never change, Archie crew. You’re perfect.


8 - Wrapping Session


Do Jughead and Archie know that they didn’t have to go all the way to mummies and pyramids for an example of ancient history. They could have done their project on the ancient landline telephone or, like, the Spice Girls.

ps That crappy USA “rocket ship” was probably Donald Trump’s high-school project. “I’ve been to the moon many times. They love me up there! Great rock. Real classy. This project is A+.”







9 - Wrapping Session - cropped detail





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