Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 10

We made it to double digits! It’s the tenth installment of the Riverdale Auxiliary. Welcome back! This week, we had on guest #2, Sofi Papamarko, who waxed poetic and romantic about Riverdale’s favourite burger-eating, teenage curmudgeon, Jughead Jones. Read on for highlights from this week’s epi.


Popper Swapper

1 - Popper Swapper

Which came first: bartering, garage sales, or Bunz Trading Zone? We may never know.

In the meantime, though, Moose is an enigma, right? His sign says, in all its erroneous wonder, FOUR SAIL, but then he makes a solid, “You missed the boat!” pun. I feel like he goes in and out of levels of consciousness. The CTE docs of Riverdale probably can’t wait to get at his brain.

Jughead in Tummy Talk

2 - Tummy Talk

We put a man on the moon, but where’s my micro-receiver, society?!



Evan added a musical break to this episode!


Jughead in Going for the Gold

3 - going for gold

If the Jughead restaurant in New Delhi (http://jughead.co.in/) is looking to add some Jughead-themed items to their menu, the above panel is basically an inspirational poster: Hotdog wins Jughead money for hamburgers, and there’s two mentions of cake. Visual business plan right there.


4 and 5 - ideal date


No bouquet > dandelion bouquet. Right?

Other notes in character motivation: Why is Jughead butler-ing this date?? For a free meal? It doesn’t seem enough of a reason for Jug to bike up a mountain, wear a ridiculous uniform, and join in a dance party with Big Ethel. I need more interiority, writers.

Would you go dancing in a Neon Sign Shop? Could? Be? Fun?


Lucy Cappiello

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