Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 6

1 - archie cover

After a petit delay between epis 5 and 6, we’re back! Welcome to the Drake-approved 6th edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary, Cana(u)da edition! In this issue, Archie and the gang explore everything Great White North, stereotypical or otherwise, and Evan and I have loads of fu(u)n discussing it. Check out our fave panels from north of the 49th parallel. (u)

The following three panels are from the Prologue, the narrative setting for the rest of the issue.

1 - intro

We witness the beginnings of the origin story of Archie’s lifelong passion for Canada, and it involves a snowstorm and procrastinating on homework. Can relate.


2 - intro

We absolutely do not have cheeseburgers here. But we do have businessmen. We keep them in the Moose & Beaver Memorial Financial Cabin.


3 - intro



4 - toronto

We made fun of these outfits in the epi, but I wonder if I saw people wearing these duds IRL, if I would even register anything weird. Maybe if I saw them all together, Like, “Are they off to play a free concert at Yonge/Dundas Square??? Let’s catch the next blimp and check it out!” in typical Toronto exuberance.


Oh, Canada, Parts I & II

 5 - Oh Canada 1a

The writers did a decent job of introducing a First Nations character, if bulldozing right over white colonialism.

6 - oh canada 1b

Shyster. ←I think we’re okay.

7 - oh canada 2a

I like Mercy a lot; she knows her shit & can take care of herself. I went camping for the first time (!) this past fall, and if being able to identify the difference between bear and raccoon tracks is the one major survival skill you need, well, then I have nothing to worry about.

8 - oh Canada 2b

It’s a dance, dance evolution. A lil saccharine, but what isn’t in the world of Archie, n’est-ce pas?

Canada, Here We Come! Parts I, [  ], III, IV

9 - chwc

Imagine if they were raising money today?!  They’d already be here by now. The exchange rate, amirite.

10 - chwc

Please Tell Your Daughter to Watch Out for Me is my new favo(u!)rite horror flick.

11 - chwc

It turns out, you have to book several months and up to a year in advance to secure ice time to curl (if you’re a civilian curler), so I’ll probably never go curling now.

12 - chwc

Similarly, my brother has exactly one phrase he remembers from French class:

Monsieur de la Fontaine, est-ce qu’il y a de la moutarde dans le frigo?**

**Mister de la Fontaine, is there any mustard in the fridge?

He’ll be an ambassador one day.

Canada Calling, Parts I & II

13 - canada calling

Micro now works for Urban Outfitters.

14 - canada calling

First Nations boatmen, or, like, don’t mention their assumed race at all???

But, Mom! We need to culturally appropriate whatever they’re doing for the magazine!!

15 - canada calling

B & V went to Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Now I want them to visit the rest of the provinces and territories and have adventures! More espionage, spies, and intrigue, s.v.p.

16 - canada calling

Vancouver is beautiful! Well, most parts… Maybe Ronnie will pony up for this beauty of a dream house.

Well, that’s the round-up of Archie and the gang’s exploits in our various necks of the woods. Who knows where they’ll end up next!

Lucy Cappiello


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