Episode 6: Canucks Amok

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Lucy and Evan return to their Archie comics reviews with some CanCon as they cover Pep Digital #95: Archie Goes to Canada! The Riverdale gang heads north of the border and see more Canadian sights than the Littlest Hobo. In the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, they cover

  • the incredible amount of espionage in Canada
  • Archie and gang’s school fundraising efforts
  • appropriation of Ojibwe culture
  • why people paint their addresses on the sidewalk in front of their house
  • the Diefenbunker (!)
  • why Reggie in unable to enter the country
  • and the typical Archie trivia, gags, and much more

So take off to the Great White North. Straight from the 6ix, it’s the sixth-ever episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

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  1. Hi guys, this was fun. Since I suggested it I made sure to read the comic for once. I basically agree with your assessment. It seemed like the stories were designed to bring up facts about Canada but other than those facts that are sort of shoehorned in things are not worried about accuracy.

    Just an addendum to what I said earlier. There was an All-Canadian digest of Archie back in 1996 and I said this looked like it was the same thing and now looking at summaries this collects/digests the same long stories including the opening frame story and I think adds one or two long stories, but the digest had editorials and one page gags and an epilogue that are not in this e-book. Also yeah it seems like Canada was (is?) 30% of the Archie market at some point and I found some articles that make the claim but it is an old claim (from like 2000) and hard to source now.

    Just on what came up in the review. Painting Canada pink seems like it is an example of how the British empire/commonwealth was painted pink on maps, which there was certainly a reputation for this and it seems like doing a quick google search this was probably an actual thing.

    Also, painting your house number is totally a thing and my parents place here in Oakville had it done. As I recall it was done by underemployed college students in the summer, but it makes sense as a high school fundraiser. Note I think you paint on the curb because that is going to be closest to a driver also it is what a car’s headlights light up as you are driving by a house. The number written on the porch may be too far back to read especially when the lights are off at night (or if there are trees etc. in the front yard). An elevated sign post at the end of the driveway would be better than a number on the curb but also more trouble and is a lot more rare.

    • Thanks, Allan! We are glad to get the lowdown on Canada’s map colour and the sidewalk address painting! Thanks for suggesting this issue in the first place!

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