Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 4


The Riverdale Auxiliary is back in sesh! And this episode is spooktacular. Remember Halloween? Well, it’s Halloween in January, as Lucy and Evan discuss the scariest time of the year in Riverdale. Keep reading for some of our favourite images from this week’s collection!


Nap-Flap   Model-School

One-page gags! Sometimes you get to deliver the joke, Jug, but sometimes you’re the butt of a one. Albeit, a thin butt.


Imagine if out of nowhere, whenever you needed, a burly seaman in too-tight tights appeared and protected you from imminent danger. I’m imagining it. Also, please take a moment to remember what Fred Andrews normally looks like (minus the black eye), and now…



Fred Andrews as you’ve never seen him. He’s a dreamboat and I love him. That deep vee is everything. It’s so deep. Bonus: Click here for a Captain Eric snippet. Twinsies!

The next three images are from The Quitter, a crazy two-parter.


Yeah, Jughead, one of our lifelong best friends, you’re a big loser! Keep berating him, guys! He needs to hear it! What a dumb, dropout jerk! Has anyone talked to him about why he’s dropping out? We’re doing all we can by public shaming one of our besties who’s obviously going through a thing! Booooo, Juggie, booooooooooo!



Is Archie more surprised by the revelation he’s just overheard, or by the fact that Jughead’s parents look like identical, fraternal twins? We can’t know.



You ever diss on your boss, and THEY’RE BEHIND A PLACARD? They are not going to be a good reference for you.



Ginger, America’s Typical Teenage Girl. She’s so typical! She’s actually also pretty great…though, maybe not to her friend Patsy. Harsh.



It took me a long time to find love, because I never had a sports coach with who to discuss matters of the heart. In other news, blue-haired Nancy throws some solid shade.



The future is home-schooled. And camcorders come back.



I will be the first to say that yellow hovercraft is amazing and I want one.
Q: Would you visit your old high school if it turned into a museum? I’ll even give you a free ticket…

Lucy Cappiello

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