Episode 4: Recession Confession

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Lucy and Evan are back with more Archie comics reviews: are you sick of them yet? Well, you might be after this, the longest episode to date. The duo tackles World of Archie Double Digest #52, a Halloween-themed issue that’s filled with so many weird and wonderful stories, our hosts go over time discussing such things as

  • Fred Andrews’s mid-life crisis and naval record
  • the gender-swapped Archie-like Ginger
  • whether Jughead’s parents are related
  • whether we’d tap young Fred Andrews
  • how accurately Archie comics predict the future
  • seriously, young Fred Andrews is pretty hot
  • and, as ever, we provide you with Archie trivia, gags, and much more

This is the fourth episode of Radio Free Riverdale: nearly an hour-and-a-half of comics goodness. Enjoy!

To see notes, panels, and images associated with our fourth episode, please visit the Riverdale Auxiliary.



  1. Fun stuff as usual.

    Lucy is right videophones were totally a thing that were invented (there is a Wikipedia page and everything), the only thing is that the phone companies were test marketing the things at least as far back as the 60s and they’ve been in development since the 20s at least. Which means that the problem was not inventing such a thing it was getting enough people to buy them. So did Archie “predict” a new invention given that videophones were already a thing when they made this comic?

    Now of course we can all just use the webcams on our computer (or mobile device) and a service like Skype, no need for a dedicated videophone, but I like to think this means we have videophones now; it helps make me feel better about our lack of Back to the Future-esque hoverboards.

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