Riverdale Auxiliary: Episode 3

Epi 4 Cover

This third edition of the Riverdale Auxiliary takes place in spaaaaaaaaace. Welcome to the R-Chi Quadrant. What you will find: some of the out-of-this-world stories discussed in Episode 3: Space Cases. What you won’t find: Star Wars spoilers. Beam us right here, Jug! Engage!

1 - Space Cases

In panel 5, it looks like Jughead’s nose is in Veronica’s ear. Okay. Anyway! Time for a space walk!

3 - Image Makers

In Part I of “Image Makers”, Archie is a clone and Jughead is the only one with any sense. … But on a different planet! Also, evil dude? That is the popped-est collar we have ever seen! Space kudos.

4 - Image Makers

From “Image Makers: Part II”. Jughead finally finds a woman (or woman-like being) he can relate to. Maybe Jug’s a mechanophile! I wonder what Jughead thinks about Astar the Robot. “Mmmm, let me put your arm back on, baby.” (For the eager fact-checkers out there: I always thought Astar was a ladybot. Still do.)

 5 - Space Case

Okay, this story isn’t that substantive, but…isn’t that totally meta? The comic is Veronica! Levels.

Also, please enjoy the artist’s interpretation of a star bursting, in the privacy of your own home. :/

6 - Give Us Some Space

Mr. Lodge has a private spaceship and the Archies are toured through the craft by dreamboat Captain Don Simpson. Go for it, Betty! Join the million-mile club! You’re over eighteen in this scenario!

7 - Give Us Some SpaceWhoops, the kids were launched into space! But handsome captain has everything under control. Just take a right past the egg-sun, don’t let Archie touch or do anything, and you’ll be all right. Yey? Yay.


8 - A Really Hot Date


Our final story for this week, and it’s one we really loved. It’s! Got! Everything! Mars! A climate-change allegory! A woolly mammoth! Time travel!

And the contemporary cartooning in this story is a welcome and delightful feature. So nice!

9 - A Really Hot Date

Wherever we end up in the Riverdale space/time continuum, Archie manages to screw things up. Snaps for consistency, writers. But sorry, entire planet of Mars. I hope this comic was passed around the Paris Climate Change Conference. Which world leader would be Archie? Or Dilton? Or Veronica? (Disclaimer: Neither Evan nor I are responsible if, say, you cast Reggie as Putin, and then end up on some international watchlist.)

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