Episode 3: Space Cases

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Lucy and Evan go where no Archie reviewers have gone before: space, the final frontier. That, and the Archie Comics app. Your two favourite Archie enthusiasts (?) test out how Archie looks on their phones by downloading Archie’s Space Cases, an anthology of the comic’s best and brightest space-related stories. Travel to the outer cosmos to

  • subject yourself to intense cartoon propaganda about the international space station
  • uncover the Lodge family’s many-tentacled reach into the space-industrial complex
  • fat-shame robots
  • wonder who went into space first: Yuri Gagarin or Archie Andrews?
  • argue whether climate change really did kill all life on Mars
  • and, as always, we provide you with Archie trivia, gags, and much more

This third episode of Radio Free Riverdale is beaming to you from our satellite light-years away. Set up your personal comlink and tune in. We’re about to take our protein pills and put our helmets on!

To see notes, panels, and images associated with our third episode, please visit the Riverdale Auxiliary.



  1. Since you asked according to Wikipedia the Minotaur actually had the proper name of Asterion (after Minos’s foster-father, literally means starry). Minotaur is Minos + tauros, Minos was the name of the King of Crete and the Minotaur was his wife’s son via a sacred bull (Greek myth is kind of freaky, so Minos is sort of the father but not the “baby daddy”), tauros is just the Greek for bull (like the sign in astrology, which is technically latin but lots of similarities). Minos is also imagined to be a judge in the after life, he even makes an appearance in Michelangelo’s work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

    Hope this helps.

    • Wow! A celebrity comment on Radio Free Riverdale! Loved your work in The Negotiator.

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